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Firewoord delivery service

Test valley logs are still delivering firewood for the time being and are reviewing it on a daily basis to keep all parties as safe as possible. Were only accepting bacs payments for the time being. Upon ordering your logs please specify where you would like your logs to be stacked, we will not knock on your door and we respectfully ask for you to stay indoors while we’re on your property so we can deliver and stack your logs as safely as possible for all concerned. Thanks for your continued custom, Rich and Tom.

Winchester logs

Delivering seasoned logs to Winchester today. We sell mixed species of dry, seasoned hardwood logs to Winchester and the surrounding areas. Due to the fact we buy our timber locally we only sell what is currently be harvested in the local area, this means the parcels of wood we buy are often of mixed species, including Ash, Birch, Hazel and beech. Each species has its own unique burning quality and it’s good to experiment with different species to learn how each burns. If you would like some ready to burn, seasoned hardwood logs in Winchester please call us today.

Southampton logs

Delivering our seasoned, hardwood logs to Southampton today. All our firewood is seasoned, barn stored and ready to burn.
We have a lovely mix of dry logs in stock including Ash firewood, Hornbeam and Beech….All cut from our local woodlands.

Seasoned logs delivered to Winchester

Delivering our seasoned hardwood logs to Winchester this week. We deliver and stack for free to Winchester and also Andover, Salisbury, Romsey and Southampton. Due to ash die back disease a large amount of ash is being felled in Hampshire at the moment and is due to continue for several years. This is a great shame for our local ecology and countryside, the disease being introduced to the UK from Europe (surely another good reason not to import timber products to the UK from elsewhere)
The ash being felled is at least being used in the firewood market to heat homes in the local area.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs Delivered To Andover

Delivering our dry, seasoned, hardwood logs to Andover today. All our logs are barn stored, dry and ready to burn. We deliver and stack for free to Andover, Winchester, Romsey and all of the surrounding towns and villages. Please give Test Valley Logs a call today to order yours.

Seasoned hardwood logs delivered to Winchester

Delivering our hardwood logs to Winchester today, a mixture of ash and beech logs, all well seasoned and ready to burn. If you need seasoned hardwood logs delivered and stacked in Winchester please give test valley logs a call.

Alternative method to starting a fire

Most commonly, a small fire of kindling wood is stacked and bigger logs are added to this. The trouble with this, is that as gases are released from the bigger logs, there are no flames at the top to ignite them. They will pollute rather than give heat. There is a solution….place your logs on the bottom of your stove, then place your kindling on top of these. Soon the fire will burn its way down; as the logs heat up and produce gas, there will always be fire on top to ignite them.

This method also works well, as you can start a fire and keep it burning in one step. This is particularly helpful in wood burning stoves when opening the door to add more logs. When the stove is not up to efficient burning temperature, smoke can easily escape back into the room through the open door, when using the usual method of adding kindling before logs.

How to burn wood with minimum pollution

Fires smoke and pollute it they do not burn intensely. A temperature of 300 – 350 degrees Celsius is required to burn all the gases emmited from wood. At a lower temperature, the gases (smoke) will go up the chimney unburned. For this reason, a hot fire will burn cleanest; all the pollution is simply turned into heat. You will get a good indication of how efficiently your fire is operating, by simply going outside to check the colour of the smoke. There should only be a thin, pale emission from the chimney. Once your house is warm, control the temperature by the amount of wood you add not by closing the airvent.

Log quantities explained

We sell our logs loosely loaded. Once we have processed the logs into nets, (each net contains two loads) they are seasoned and when ready to burn, tipped loosely into our trucks. When a loose load of logs is nearly stacked, it takes up considerable less space. on average, a neatly stacked load of logs is 40%  smaller in volume the a loose load. Whether you live in Winchester, andover, romsey or Southampton……please call us today to order your seasoned hardwood logs.

Local Hardwood Species

Here in Hampshire, the main hardwood species used for firewood are Ash, Beech, Silver Birch, Oak & Sycamore. Each species has its own individual merits. Ash is a good all round firewood and burns easily with little smoke. Contrary to popular belief, ‘green ash’ doesn’t burn at all well. It does have a naturally low moisture content, but needs further seasoning before burning. Beech is one of the finest woods to burn. It burns hot and for a long time. Beech has many uses, other than firewood; this means that it doesn’t appear on the firewood market as much as some would like.

Birch is a wonderful and often overlooked species. It’s a ‘pioneer’ species, seeding freely and improving soil quality for other trees and shrubs. It’s a good clean firewood and has a lovely scent when burned. Oak is a very dense wood and has a tendency to smoulder, rather than burn. Ideally, it’s best mixed with lighter woods, such as birch or sycamore. Allow plenty of airflow into your appliance, split the logs small and it will, once mastered, give a hot and long fire. Sycamore is another underrated firewood species. It grows quickly, splits easily and is relatively quick to season. It’s a good general all purpose firewood.


Excellent logs, that burn really well, and are nice and dry without any mould. Very good service too – nice friendly blokes who carried and stacked a ton of logs in a matter of minutes. 10/10. Jon Brown

We took advantage of Rich and Toms log and chimney sweep deal, very efficient service…the logs look great to, good mix of hardwoods and lovely and dry. would recommend – Sophie Barry

Both lovely blokes, deliver to the business at least once a week. Fast, friendly and great service. Good value for money! Highly recommended!! – Annabel Simmonds

Speedy delivery, great logs, impeccable stacking – Xenia Petley

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