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Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Here at Test Valley Logs we produce high quality, seasoned, barn stored logs. We use a mixture of hardwoods including Ash, Birch, Hazel and Beech.

Seasoned Logs offer the best value for money over other products simple because they are the cheapest to produce.

Our seasoned logs are dried in the sun and wind over time. Once dry and ready to burn they are barn stored to keep of the rain in the winter months.

All our firewood is sustainably and locally sourced by ourselves from local woodland. Our logs are delivered loosely loaded in our truck to avoid any unnecessary packaging.

We deliver our seasoned Hardwood logs throughout Hampshire, including Andover, Winchester, Romsey and Salisbury.


Excellent logs, that burn really well, and are nice and dry without any mould. Very good service too – nice friendly blokes who carried and stacked a ton of logs in a matter of minutes. 10/10. Jon Brown

Both lovely blokes, deliver to the business at least once a week. Fast, friendly and great service. Good value for money! Highly recommended!! – Annabel Simmonds

Speedy delivery, great logs, impeccable stacking – Xenia Petley