Kiln dried logs

We are often asked “is there any difference between kiln dried and seasoned logs?” Ultimately , the answer is no. In our opinion, a dry log is a dry log, irrespective of how it is dried. A properly seasoned log, has the same moisture content as a kiln dried log. Our seasoned logs are carefully dried over time, in the sun and wind. Kiln dried logs are dried in an industrial kiln, over several days; the kilns are generally heated by burning biomass.

This process is expensive, hence the price difference between seasoned and kiln dried. Kiln dried logs are often marketed as a superior product, being better for the environment and more cost effective. All of this is untrue and just clever marketing to justify the extra production cost. Much of the kiln dried firewood in the British market, is produced in large volumes and delivered nationwide (or produced in Eastern Europe). Dried by burning biomass, delivered nationally by articulated lorry and often packaged in plastic, I would certainly question their green credentials. For a truly clean and cost-effective source of firewood, look for a reputable local supplier of quality air dried seasoned logs.