Locally sourced timber

Whether delivering logs to southampton,andover or Winchester, one of the most commonly asked questions is “where do you get your wood ”

All our firewood is responsibly sourced within a 25 Mile radius of our yard in Stockbridge, Hampshire.
The timber we use is specifically grown for the firewood industry. The trees are planted close together so they compete for light and therefore grow quickly (relatively!!!) And straight. The trees are periodically thinned out , removing the poor quality timber (which is used for firewood) and leaving the better quality timber to grow on. All though the phase ” locally sourced” is much used nowadays, we believe it is an integral part of running a responsible and sustainable firewood business.

By buying your firewood from test valley logs we guarantee your logs have been produced as sustainably as possible; providing local jobs for local people, keeping transportation to a minimum and ensuring our woodlands are cared for, for future generations.