Hampshire logs

Still have loads of beautifully dry firewood for sale in Hampshire. We deliver to Winchester, Andover, Salisbury, Romsey and all the surrounding areas. If you would like some seasoned or kiln dried logs delivered please call Test Valley Logs today.

Logs Winchester

Delivering some of our beautifully dry seasoned, ready to burn firewood to Winchester today. We also supply kiln dried logs to Winchester, all soured ourselves from local woodland. If you would like to order ready to burn firewood, We deliver to Winchester, Romsey, Andover and Salisbury.

Winchester kiln dried logs

Another batch of kiln dried logs being dried for delivery to Winchester. All our firewood is locally and sustainable sourced. To order kiln dried logs in Winchester please call test valley logs today.

Winchester logs

Splitting some oversized timber today ready to go through our processor and to be delivered to Winchester. We deliver high quality seasoned and kiln dried logs to Winchester and the surrounding villages. Call test valley logs today for your winter firewood order.

Kiln dried and seasoned logs salisbury

Sustainable, locally sourced Logs delivered to Salisbury today. We deliver both kiln dried logs and seasoned logs to Salisbury. We also deliver our wonderfully dry, ready to burn logs to Winchester, Andover, and Romsey. Please call test valley logs to order your firewood today.

Local sustainable firewood

Another load of firewood delivered to our log yard in Stockbridge ready to be processed and dried. All our timber is sourced locally by ourselves from well managed woodlands. We have loads of dry, ready to burn firewood in our yard, both seasoned and kiln dried. Ready to deliver to Salisbury, Andover, Winchester and Romsey.

Plenty of kiln dried and seasoned logs in stock

Plenty of kiln dried and seasoned logs in stock. Delivered our kiln dried firewood to Salisbury today. If you would like some locally sourced dry firewood delivered to Salisbury, Andover, Winchester or Romsey please call today.

Drying logs

To ensure all our firewood is beautifully dry we process our timber in the summer months, this allows the sun and wind to do it’s job and dry our logs to below 20% moisture ready for the winter. We deliver seasoned and kiln dried firewood all year round. Test valley logs deliver to Salisbury, Romsey, Andover, Winchester and all the surrounding towns and villages.

Kiln Dried Logs Salisbury

We are now delivering our locally sourced, sustainable kiln dried firewood to Salisbury. All our kiln dried firewood is dried ourselves using wood waste from our firewood processing operations. For the best kiln dried logs in Salisbury call Test Valley Logs today.

Local sustainable firewood

A majority of the kiln dried firewood in the UK is imported from eastern Europe. The carbon footprint of such firewood far negates the benefits of burning this kind of kiln dried firewood. If logs are sold in dumpy bags or stacked in a crate it is generally sourced from outside the UK. For a truly sustainable product buy seasoned or kiln dried logs from a local supplier.

Test Valley Logs source, cut and process all our own timber from local woodland providing a truly sustainable product. We deliver logs to Salisbury, Andover, Winchester, Romsey and all the surrounding areas.