Salisbury Logs

Delivering some of our wonderful dry logs to Salisbury today. We deliver both seasoned and kiln dried firewood to Salisbury and all the surrounding towns and villages.

Log quantities

We sell our logs by the loose load. Each load is 1 cubic metre of logs. A lot of firewood producers sell there firewood in “bulk bags” they differ in size from anything from 0.5 to 0.9 of a cubic metre. This picture is of a new customer of ours putting a load of our logs into a bag that he got last season from another supplier…for the same price…..just saying !!

Logs Romsey

We deliver high quality firewood throughout Hampshire including romsey. We sell both seasoned and kiln dried logs, all locally and sustainably sourced. For log deliveries to Romsey call Test Valley Logs today.

Kiln Dried Logs

High quality kiln dried firewood all produced in house by ourselves using locally sourced timber.

We deliver our kiln dried logs to Romsey, Andover, Winchester, Salisbury and all the surrounding towns and villages.

FAQ….do you deliver in the rain?

Yes, unfortunately if its raining we have to keep going. It’s not always ideal but we suggest leaving a tarpaulin out so we can cover your logs for you to keep them dry. In all honesty a bit of surface water on the logs will dry off in a day or so if stored correctly so a little rain won’t affect your logs burning performance at all.

Birch firewood

Birch is a wonderful firewood. It burns easily with a good flame and has a wonderful smell to. Perfect for those drizzly winter nights !!! Test Valley Logs produce all our firewood from locally sourced, sustainably managed woodland.

Logs delivered to Salisbury

Logs delivered to Salisbury.

We deliver our firewood all over Wiltshire including Salisbury. Now is a great time to stock up for winter…get in early and avoid the rush !!! We sell both seasoned and kiln dried firewood, locally sourced and ready to burn!!!

FAQ…where do you get your wood?

All Our firewood is sourced as locally as possible to our log yard in Stockbridge. It’s grown specifically for use in the firewood industry. Planted, grown, felled and replanted (much like any other crop). It’s a wonderful, sustainable source of fuel. We sell our firewood throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire. Andover logs. Winchester logs. Romsey logs. Salisbury logs. Call Test Valley Logs today to order yours.

Price Increase Explained

Unfortunately we’ve had to increase our prices for this season. Due to the timber prices being at an all time high and everyday items (yard rent, fuel etc) also increasing we’ve had to follow suit. We’ve kept the prices as low as we can as we know its a struggle for everyone at the moment, and we still offer good value comparatively with other local suppliers – we also offer big savings on our larger loads. For high quality firewood in Hampshire and Wiltshire call Test Valley Logs today.

Logs for Sale Romsey

Delivering firewood to Romsey today. We are all go at Test Valley Logs getting ready for the coming season and also doing deliveries of logs to Romsey, logs in Winchester and all the towns and villages throughout Hampshire. Premium quality, locally sourced firewood….look no further…